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Does Ted Stevens Doom the GOP?

By on 7.30.08 | 12:36PM

Certainly, Ted Stevens's indictment isn't good news for Republicans but some of these stories seem slightly overblown. If you look at the polls, the Democrats had a better than even shot of taking Stevens's seat even before his indictment. Given the lack of credible Republican alternatives -- at least among those who elected to run -- this has been a good bet for a Democratic pickup for months now. Where Stevens could be a bigger problem for Republicans is if he helps revive the "culture of corruption" narrative and taint the party as a whole. The Politico story I linked above talks about the Republicans finding some footing on the energy issue. If Stevens further tarnishes the Republican brand, it will be similar to how Mark Foley was the final nail in the coffin right as it seemed the GOP's fortunes were starting to improve in the fall of 2006.

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