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Obama Snips Jeremiah Wright Defense on Iraq

By on 7.28.08 | 11:20AM

On "Meet the Press" yesterday, Barack Obama was shown a video of his comment from early 2007 in which he said, "I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there; in fact, I think it'll do the reverse."

Here was the exchange that followed:

MR. BROKAW: Do you believe that President Maliki would be in a position to more or less endorse your timetable of getting troops out within 16 months if it had not been for the surge?

SEN. OBAMA: You know, we don't know, because in my earlier statements--I mean, I know that there's that little snippet that you ran, but there were also statements made during the course of this debate in which I said there's no doubt that additional U.S. troops could temporarily quell the violence.

That defense seemed a bit familiar to me, so I decided to take a stroll down memory lane.

Obama in his "historic" race speech on March 18:

And I confess that if all that I knew of Reverend Wright were the snippets of those sermons that have run in an endless loop on the television and You Tube, or if Trinity United Church of Christ conformed to the caricatures being peddled by some commentators, there is no doubt that I would react in much the same way

But the truth is, that isn't all that I know of the man.
Rev. Jeremiah Wright on "Bill Moyers Journal" on April 25:
"The blowup and the blowing up of sermons preached 15, seven, six years ago and now becoming a media event, not the full sermon, but the snippets from the sermon and soundbite having made me the target of hatred, yes, that is something very new and something very, very unsettling."

Obama in his "throw Wright under the bus"press conference on April 29:
But what I can say is I was very clear that what he had said in those particular snippets I found objectionable and offensive and that the intention of the speech was to provide context for them, but not to excuse them, because I found them inexcusable.

Apparently, if you're Obama, you can say that adding more troops to Iraq would increase violence, but actually mean that it would reduce violence. Of course, this is the same Obama who can watch his spiritual mentor say "God damn America," laud Louis Farrakhan, and call Israel a "dirty word," and still defend him as a tolerant religious leader and a patriot.

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