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Islam in the UK

By on 7.28.08 | 10:34AM

A comprehensive new survey of British university students conducted by the Centre for Social Cohesion came up with some disturbing results:

32 per cent of Muslim students polled said killing in the name of religion was justified, compared to 2 per cent of non-Muslims. A third of those polled said they supported a worldwide Islamic caliphate, or government, and more than half - 54 per cent - supported the idea of having their own political party at Westminster. Just under a quarter did not believe men and women were equal in the eyes of Allah, while 25 per cent said they had little or no respect for homosexuals.
Article here. You can download a copy of the PDF here.

What's troubling about the findings is that this isn't a sample of unemployed, uneducated, youths living in Muslim ghettos --which is what radicalizes people in the minds of liberals such as Barack Obama -- but it is a group of educated and privileged students who have every opportunity to lead productive and rewarding lives.

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