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Lynch Mob Mentality

By on 10.21.05 | 1:09AM

Nobody knows anything, yet according to disinterested outside observers such as the Washington Post, Karl Rove has already been frog-marched to Sing-Sing. It's home page headline reads: "Post-Rove Deliberations Begin: White House is now confronting the looming prospect of a Bush presidency without Karl Rove." Nice Freudian slip, by the way, that bit about "Post-Rove" -- Does it mean after Rove? Or is it a reference to deliberations inside the Post's newsroom about how to spin against Rove? For all the reader can find out from the story itself, everyone is supposedly spooked, but no one knows anything. "In a capital consumed by scandal speculation, most White House senior officials are no more privy than outsiders to the prosecutor's intentions." So why run a page one story rooted in no substance anyone can divine? If Rove isn't indicted, won't such stories become the equivalent of Jayson Blair's and Stephen Glass's finest work?

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