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“Tabloid Trash”?

By on 7.25.08 | 5:35PM

Our counterparts over at the Corner seem to have gone all sniffy over how the John Edwards "love child" story is "tabloid trash," even if true. This strikes me as the logical contrapositive ot Dan Rather's assertion that "the story is true" despite his embrace of forged documents about George W.'s National Guard service.

In both cases, you can't make something out of nothing. Dan Rather had a whole lot of nothing. The National Enquirer has a whole lot of something.

If what the Enquirer has hold of seems trashy, then perhaps John Edwards ought not to behave that way. As a perpetually public man who has made professions of devotion to his sick wife, Edwards deserves the attention, if he has fallen so spectacularly short of his stated ideals.

Our Corner counterparts ought to be beating their connections for verification of the story, not getting all delicate about it.

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