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Miered Miers

By on 10.20.05 | 6:14PM

Look for some more damaging stories that will have conservatives pulling their hair out. Word is the Washington Post may be dropping something on Miers as early as Friday.

The apparent depth of anger Sen. Arlen Specter feels toward the way the White House and Miers have approached the nomination process has apparently not been portrayed accurately by the mainstream press. "It wouldn't be possible to describe how angry he is," says a Judiciary Committee source. "Livid, murderously mad, nothing does it justice, pardon the pun."

Specter is not only angry about the questionaire that Miers and her handlers submitted. He is angry at the reports he is getting back from his fellow Senators coming out of their private meetings with Miers. "They are universally negative," says Republican staffer for a Senator who has met with the nominee. The bad reports are making Specter feel put upon.

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