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XX Factor to National Enquirer: Leave Him Alone!

By on 7.24.08 | 3:42PM

I've done more reading on the National Enquirer, and I want to retract my comment yesterday (Stacy and Wlady: 1, JP: 0). Maybe Melinda Henneberger should do some reading too:

And guess what? I still don't want to know. If this story about John Edwards is trueâ€"and yes, I still say ifâ€"I might have to snatch him bald-headed myself. But you know what would be worse? Chasing a man who is out of politics up and down the back stairs of a hotel in the middle of the night for the purpose of ... what? Making his family suffer more than they already have? Bad juju, people.

Wait, John Edwards is out of politics? Isn't he involved with ending poverty? Isn't that just lawyer-speak for demanding more government programs? Isn't that, by its very nature, political?

Well, if John Edwards isn't politically active, then how to justify the persecution of Rush Limbaugh? Nice double standard, there.

Here's a promise: If this story turns out as true, I'm going to write a piece defending John Edwards as someone who didn't buy into all the garbage about how every child ought to be a wanted child.

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