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‘I Know My Country Has Not Perfected Itself’

By on 7.24.08 | 2:07PM

Absolutely stunning. A major party candidate to be President of the United States just spoke to a crowd of over 100,000 on foreign soil and tried to apologize for America. Barack Obama just couldn't bring himself to make an unqualified defense of America without criticizing the country for not having always lived up to its ideals. In order to curry favor with Europeans, he went after America for not being as tough on businesses in the fight against global warming as Germany, and in neutral terms said that the two superpowers came "too close, too often" to starting a nuclear war -- as if America and the Soviets were equal threats to world peace. A friend of mine emailed during the speech to say "I feel sick." I'm sure he isn't the only American who feels that way this afternoon.

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