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Re: Romney As Conservative Rallying Point

By on 7.24.08 | 12:16PM

In response to my column, one reader accuses me of "liberal bias" and another of "liberal dribble" for being critical of Romney.

Yeah, I guess I'm really liberal for opposing his Massachussetts health-care plan in which the government mandates that individuals purchase coverage, the government designs health care plans and decides what they have to cover, the government subsidizes the purchase of these plans, and then calls it a free market solution. I oppose the assault weapons ban that Romney signed as governor of Massachusetts, so I guess that's now a liberal position, because clearly conservatives are supposed to support such bans. And I'm against the idea of the federal government spending $20 billion in subsidies to the auto industry, which Romney proposed as part of his economic pandering in Michigan, so I guess that makes me a liberal, too. With so many liberal positions, I better apply for a job at the Nation.

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