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Re: Cohen

By on 10.20.05 | 12:12PM

It is becoming almost commonplace for liberals who write about abortion to offer a personal story, often told rather breezily, about procuring/cooperating in/undergoing an abortion. These op-eds have become a form of confession. New York Times editor Bill Keller, some time back, wrote a second-thoughts column about abortion similar to Cohen's. But what jumps out in these columns, which invariably stress that the author is still "pro-choice," is the absence of any direct mention of the victim of the injustice, the unborn child. Hillary Clinton, or Cohen, or any other liberal reworking their position, will speak of abortion as a tragedy. But for whom? The child? No, they can't quite say that, otherwise their pro-choice position crumbles. The victim, normally so prominent when liberals allow people to feel their moral agony, is left hidden.

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