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Re: Right-Wing Pointy Heads

By on 7.21.08 | 12:37PM

My own view, Stacy, is that David Frum was rather brutally ridiculed in that NYT Week in Review piece:

Mr. Frum is one of those who has undergone a conversion (or two). His book "Dead Right," published in 1994, was a brisk catalog of Reagan's failures (especially his failure to reduce the size of government). Then, after writing speeches for President Bush, Mr. Frum wrote "The Right Man," in which he characterized President Bush's leadership as "nothing short of superb." But in his newest book, "Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again," Mr. Frum confesses that his former boss has "led his party to the brink of disaster."

Constancy, it would seem, is not one of his strengths.

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