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NYT Pushing Mitt for VP?

By on 7.19.08 | 8:11PM

Hate to break Quin Hillyer's heart, but John McCain's favorite newspaper, the New York Times, seems smitten with Mitt:

These days Mr. Romney, a telegenic former Massachusetts governor, is serving as a wingman extraordinaire for Mr. McCain on cable television. He has dutifully raised money for Mr. McCain. And Mr. Romney has developed a reputation as a campaign surrogate who can talk fluently about the economy, and who has roots in Michigan, an important swing state. . . .
Mike Murphy, a political consultant who has worked for both Mr. McCain and Mr. Romney, said that he thought both men would be able to get along, and forgive things said in the heat of battle.
"McCain is like a character in a John Wayne movie," he said. "His best friend is often the guy he just had a bar brawl with -- as long as he won."
Perhaps resident vice presidential expert Jeremy Lott will weigh in here.

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