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By on 7.18.08 | 11:12AM

Samir Qantar (also spelled Kuntar) was the leading militant released by Israel as part of the prisoner swap with Hezbollah in which Israel received the remains of two dead soldiers. In 1979, Qantar killed three Israelis -- he shot a father in front of his four year-old daughter, and crushed the young girl's skull with a rifle butt.

Despite the fact that he's a grizzly cold-blooded killer, not only will he be receiving a hero's welcome in Lebanon, but it may launch his political career:

In Lebanon, many consider it too early to discuss a possible political career while Qantar is still away from home. But some already see him as an MP or as a leading opposition figure. “As a resistance hero and a model of persistence, Qantar is destined to play a role on the political stage,†said Nazih Hamzé, Secretary General of the People’s Democratic Party, to which Qantar used to belong in his youth. The conditions of Qantar’s introduction to the Lebanese political stage, known for its complexity, still needs to be defined.

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