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D.C. Stonewalling on Heller?

By on 7.17.08 | 3:16PM

Jacob Sullum says that even Heller himself might not get to register his handgun: "As I feared, the district's position is that all handguns that accept magazines holding more than 12 rounds-meaning 'all bottom-loading guns,' according to a local news report-are prohibited under D.C.'s ridiculously broad 'machine gun' ban. So even though Heller's pistol is a semiautomatic with a seven-round clip, it might as well be an Uzi as far as the district is concerned."

UPDATE: Robert VerBruggen e-mails to clarify that is not just the D.C. government's reading of their machine gun ban that produces this ridiculous conclusion, but the actual wording of the law itself.

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