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About that WaPost Editorial

By on 7.16.08 | 10:01AM

The Washington Post editorial page for several years now has been what The New Republic of the early 1990s was: the voice of the constructive and thoughtful center-left. (I wish its news pages were as consistently fairminded.) But it's still definitely left of center, which is why that editorial (see post below) was so devastating. It is just incontrovertible now that Barack Justanotherlyingpolitician Obama was wrong -- dead wrong, dangerously wrong, pathetically wrong -- about the surge. The man has absolutely no business being commander in chief. His foreign/defense policy experience is narly nil, and his foreign/defense policy judgment is appalling. To see the Post point that out is an early indicator of where public opinion is headed -- which bodes ill for Obama's sickeningly messianic campaign.

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