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Obama’s Dishonesty

By on 7.15.08 | 10:17AM

It is worth noting that John Hinderaker yesterday did a brilliant take-down of Barack Justanotherlyingpolitician Obama's intellectually dishonest piece in the NYT on Iraq. As Jeffrey Lord entertainingly describes today, even the left is starting to realize just how dishonest their savior is. Particularly fun for me is that not only have so many lefties now explicitly called Obama a liar, but also, "Others on the left are now sneering that Obama 'is just another politician'." Of course, the combination of these two increasingly obvious truths is exactly why, a few weeks back, I vowed never to blog Obama's full name here without replacing his apparently unmentionable middle name of "Husse**n" with "Justanotherlyingpolitician." Now that the lefties cll him a liar and just another politician, I have been completely vindicated. I wish others would take up the cause. Because Obama is indeed just another lying politician. What was that? Was that not loud enough? Okay: JUST ANOTHER LYING POLITICIAN. Obama. Yes. Him.

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