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Re: The Worst That Could Happen

By on 7.14.08 | 12:05PM

The Republican Party survived the Great Depression and New Deal, the Democratic Party survived the Civil War. So I think it's premature to suggest that an Obama presidency would spell the end of the GOP. That's more likely to happen because the party becomes too divided over a salient issue -- like, say, immigration -- than because the Democrats beat the Republicans out of existence. The conservative movement is of more recent vintage. There's always the possibility that it won't be able to recover from the final triumph over limited government that an Obama presidency could represent. Or it could also be made irrelevant by tying its fortunes to a succession of non-conservative Republican presidents. The reality is that for entirely different reasons, either Obama or McCain could turn out to be a boon or a bust for the right. It would profit conservatives not to put all their eggs in either basket.

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