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Sins of the Mother

By on 10.18.05 | 5:19PM

You think Houston doesn't have enough problems? It's not clear it will ever recover from Albert Pujols' missile launch last night. Its NFL team may go winless this year. Then there's its NBA team's star basketball import, Yao Ming, all 7'6" of him, who it turns out is the son of a once gung-ho member of Mao's Red Guard during the murderous Cultural Revolution. It was all reported in Sports Illustrated's September 26 issue and confirmed by a letter to the editor in the October 17 SI. "Having spent part of her youth abusing others for perceived crimes involving Western 'decadence,' she quickly took control of her son's career and his millions of dollars. She now lives in America enjoying the fruits of her son's success," John J. Montone of Hoboken, N.J., wrote in.

According to the Sports Illustrated, Yao Ming himself isn't all too thrilled with this arrangment. "My mother is like a mosquito constantly buzzing around my ears," he once told a friend.

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