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Re: D.C. Cyclist hit by garbage truck

By on 7.8.08 | 3:53PM

Bicycling is so ... collegiate. Preppy, if you will. Not my scene.

But you've got a legitimate point about D.C. drivers, J.P. -- the worst I've ever seen. Incapable of understanding such basic terms as "merge" and "yield." The incompetence of the drivers is exceeded only by the wretchedness of the roads, which suffer from perpetual disrepair or haphazard patching that leaves the surface lumpy as mashed potatoes. There are one-traffic-light towns in Alabama with better pavement. And don't even started on the badly-designed Beltway, where drivers have to cut across the on-ramp traffic in order to reach the off-ramp.

If the "easiest mode of transportation" turns out to be a one-way ticket to the morgue, maybe it's a convenience you can do without.

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