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McCain vs. Mount Everest

By on 7.7.08 | 5:06PM

Stuart Rothenberg assesses the status of the presidential race:

Given all of this evidence, Obama has a far easier road to the White House than Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.). The Illinois Senator merely has to take advantage of the political current, while McCain must swim against it, persuading voters to support him in spite of his party and Bush's performance.
Finally, Obama is a great orator, while McCain is not. The Arizonan has a wonderful story to tell and is a true American hero, but he is not nearly as charismatic as Obama. And he is 71 years old, which does not present an ideal visual contrast with the Democrat.
This isn't a tough climb for McCain -- it's a veritable Mount Everest.
Rothenberg clearly underestimates the value of Rich Lowry's services as a campaign consultant.

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