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Miers Answers Committee Questionnaire

By on 10.18.05 | 11:15AM

Our friends at Red State blog have posted the 63-page response of Harriett Miers to the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing questionnaire. Of greatest interest is her answer to the question about the nomination process.

Miers says she was asked, on the day O'Conner announced her retirement, if she wished her name to be put forward, and she said no. After Chief Justice Rehnquist passed away, she discovered that her name was being considered without her knowledge. She then met with her deputy, William Kelley, and with Andy Card and the president. She subsequently had four meetings with the president before her nomination was announced.

This appears to confirm, at least circumstantially, the Prowler's reports that White House chief of staff Card was the moving force behind the nomination.

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