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Video: Pyro-Dad’s 2008 Fireworks Show

By on 7.6.08 | 1:33PM

One of the guests* pronounced this year's show "Better than Epcot!"

The finale starts kicking in about the 2:45 mark of the video, which was recorded by one of the guests. At the end of the video, you'll hear somebody yelling, "Stacy McCain!" That's Darryl, the proprietor of "Camp FUBAR," the lakefront property in Alabama where we shot the show.

Also during the video, you'll hear someone say, "I'm getting rained on" -- i.e., some of the debris was falling on them. That's one reason that a good consumer fireworks show is actually better in some ways than a professional display. When you're only 100 feet from the firing station and the shells are breaking directly overhead, it sometimes feels like you're actually inside the finale.

(*OK, so this particular guest was on her fourth margarita. But the compliment was sincere.)

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