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Order of Canada

By on 7.3.08 | 5:37PM

Doctor Henry Morgentaler receives the Order of Canada, Canada's highest civilian honour. The award has struck a nerve. The good doctor is best known as an abortion activist. He opened an illegal clinic in 1969 and has consistently fought for the right to choose.

Some Canadians are annoyed with the decision because they feel that the Order should be given only to people whose work is unanimously considered beneficial to Canada. Clearly, an abortion activist doesn't fit the bill.

Father Lucien Larre has actually returned his Order, which he received some 25 years ago, saying that he couldn't in good conscious be linked to the activist.

Still, Morgentaler is only being given a "Member" medal in the Order. This status, the lowest awarded to a Canadian, specifically honors people who have serviced a "particular community, group or field of activity."

Well, abortion supporters are certainly a particular group. Now all Canada has to do is recognize a hero from the other side and the chaos can end.

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