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Re: Obama as John Kerry

By on 7.3.08 | 12:23PM

Obama has been vacilating between promising a speedy withdrawal and attaching so many caveats to this promise as to render it meaningless for some time now. While Obama's position on the wisdom of the Iraq invasion and the desirability of leaving is much clearer than John Kerry's in 2004 (and, in my view, sounder than John McCain's now), they are close enough to make me find the Obamacons entirely unpersuasive. Just as I didn't see why antiwar conservatives should want to vote for a pro-war liberal in 2004, I don't see why I should vote for a candidate who wants to raise taxes, grow government, codify Roe v. Wade, promote taxpayer-funded abortion, expand government control of health care, appoint liberal judges, repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, add regulations, throw more money at Bush's compassionate conservative initiatives, impose cap-and-trade, and constrict free trade on the basis of foreign-policy and civil liberties issues where I can't figure out what in the hell he'd actually do anyway.

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