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John Fund Hates Hope

By on 6.27.08 | 5:34PM

The Wall Street Journal columnist dissects polling, pushes back at the MSM message of Obama's inevitability, and offers a bit of history:

There is evidence that fall campaigns, which tend to focus voters on big-picture issues, usually help Republicans. In 1976, Gerald Ford was seen as a goner during the summer but rallied to finish only two points behind Jimmy Carter. A dozen years later, Michael Dukakis led George H.W. Bush in June and July. He lost by eight points in the fall. In 1992, Bill Clinton had a 10-point lead around Labor Day. He won by only five and a half points. Even Bob Dole closed a 12-point Labor Day gap to only eight points by November 1996. If that history is a guide, a focused McCain campaign that clearly contrasts conservative and liberal approaches to the issues should have a good chance of winning.
.Agreed. Now, if only John McCain campaign had ever favored "conservative . . . approaches to the issues" . . .
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