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Re: Obama Fantasy

By on 6.26.08 | 4:57PM

Oh, I don't think it's too early to question Plouffe's sanity, James. Greg Sargent notes that the Quinnipiac Poll finds a majoriity voters in four (actual) swing states favor maintaining U.S. military deployment in Iraq "until the situation is more stable . . . without a fixed date for full withdrawal."

If voters in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin don't share Obama's oft-expressed enthusiasm for a a rapid and unconditional withdrawal, how much sense does that Alaska trip make? And what if I told you that in two of those states (Michigan and Colorado) Obama is under 50% and McCain is within 5% or 6%? What if I further reminded you that Hillary won Michigan and that the DNC allotted Michigan's delegates only half-representation at the Democratic convention?

With such real cause for concern in these real battleground states, how can Team Obama even think about diverting their resources and their candidate's time to Alaska?

BTW, James, were you aware you just used "we" and "Obamacons" in the same sentence?

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