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Luck of the Non-Irish

By on 10.17.05 | 2:15AM

I was all set to pronounce here on the USC-Notre Dame game. But I ran long and out came a mini-column. So it's posted in the main page lineup, where you can boo it without being penalized.

I do agree it was a game for the ages. By the way, did you know that Justice Clarence Thomas was in attendance? I didn't either, until informed by top Washington Post sports columnist Michael Wilbon. Apparently the game was such a draw that it attracted scores of celebrities. (Yes, Notre Dame has come to this.) "So many private jets descended on South Bend it looked like McCarron Airport in Las Vegas three hours before kickoff," Wilbon wrote. But I still can't figure out if Wilbon was ridiculing Thomas when he noted: "Every NFL team seemed to have at least one representative in the house, and they were B-list celebs when considering Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas attended." Somehow I suspect that that "they" was meant to be "there."

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