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Re: The Fool(s) on the Hill

By on 6.23.08 | 8:49PM

The Washington Post column that provoked Quin's ire is mostly about two bogus allegations against Karl Rove: (a) his supposedly conspiratorial role in Plamegate, a pet liberal myth that Bob Novak long ago demolished, and (b) the nonsensical claim that Rove masterminded the prosecution of Alabama's corrupt former Gov. Don Siegelman. Rove's chief accuser in that case, Jill Simpson of Rainsville, Ala., "is, to put it bluntly, a nut," as John Hiinderaker of Powerline eloquently stated the matter.

None of that bears on the criticism of Rove from the "GOP insider on the Hill," which is sort of tacked onto the end of the "what's-Karl-up-to-now" lead item in Michael Abramowitz's "In the Loop" column.

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