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Re: Obama and Public Financing

By on 6.20.08 | 3:07PM

Bill Clinton "repeatedly ate the right's lunch at election time" -- in which alternative universe did this occur, James? In the universe where I was living:

  • Clinton won the 1992 election with 43% of the popular vote against George Bush, who most definitely was not "the right."
  • The backlash against Clintonian misrule fueled the historic 1994 GOP congressional sweep.
  • Clinton was re-elected in 1996 with 49% of the popular vote against Bob Dole, who was only slightly more "right" than Bush had been.
  • The sole claim to a Clintonian victory was the 1998 midterm backlash against the impeachment, which still was not enough, however, to regain Democratic control of the Congress.

Where I come from, that doesn't count as eating the right's lunch. Clinton was arguably the worst thing that happened to the Democratic Party since LBJ.

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