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Obama Will Meet With Ahmadinejad, But Not McCain?

By on 6.19.08 | 4:06PM

The New York Times story on Barack Obama's decision to opt out of public financing includes the following:

Mr. Obama had pledged to meet with Mr. McCain following the primaries to attempt to work out an agreement on financing. That meeting never took place, aides to Mr. Obama said, because a meeting between lawyers for the two sides was not fruitful. "It became clear to me that there wasn't any basis for future discussion," said Robert Bauer, the general counsel for Mr. Obama's campaign.

Those of us who oppose Obama's call for presidential-level talks with Iran have made precisely this point -- that lower-level talks with the Iranian regime have offered no reason to believe that further discussion with its leaders would be worthwhile. Evidently, Obama imposed more preconditions on McCain than he would on the president of the leading state sponsor of terrorism.

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