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Obama Reverses Forward

By on 6.19.08 | 11:06AM

No one inside the Obama campaign was surprised when Sen. Barack Obama announced earlier today that he would forgo federal matching funds.

The candidate, who previously promised to accept them, had polling data to back his decision.

"We know that most Americans don't understand federal matching funds. It's too complicated, so they just don't care. We aren't going to be penalized for this," says a political consultant who just signed on with the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign not only saw an opportunity to announce the decision during a lull in the campaign, but also saw a chance to set off a huge online fundraising drive.

"This decision is less about Senator Obama reversing a decision and more about showing his supporters he will do what has to be done to win," says the consultant. "That's how he is going to run his campaign and how he will lead this nation."

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