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Shallow Talent Pool for Team Obama

By on 6.18.08 | 9:28PM

When President Bush leaves the White House, Republicans will have held the presidency 28 of the past 40 years. This means that, when Democrats start scouting around for executive branch talent, they must draw from a relatively smaller group of potential personnel.

Thus, when Team Obama announced its "National Security Working Group," one conservative blogger immediately noted that the list of names was studded with "Carter & Clinton retreads," a prospect that is "Not so Changey." It will be hard for Obama to argue that his administration will be offer anything other than a return to Clinton-era personnel and policies in foreign affairs and national security. The Democrats seem to believe that voters weary of Bush and Iraq may want just such a reversion.

UPDATE: Cato's Justin Logan notes that among Obama's national security advisers is William Perry, who in 2006 advocated U.S. air strikes against North Korea. Now, explain to me again that part about Republicans being bloodthirsty warmongers . . .

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