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It’s Official — Rove in Trouble (cont.)

By on 10.14.05 | 12:31PM

The New York Times gets much closer to the jugular than the Washington Post did in presenting a picture of gloom regarding Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation of Karl Rove et al. in the Wilson-Plame case:

The result, say administration officials and friends and allies on the outside who speak regularly with them, is a mood of intense uncertainty in the White House that veers in some cases into fear of the personal and political consequences and anger at having been caught in the snare of a special prosecutor....

"Everyone is going about the work at hand while bracing for the worst case," said a senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to get around the official White House position that it will not comment on the investigation....

Why didn't the Post have access to this "senior administration official"? Or was he not necessarily referring to Rove?

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