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Re: Penn’s Hindsight

By on 6.13.08 | 9:48AM

Stacy, you're correct to point to the driver's liscences for illegal immigrants question as the very beginning of Hillary's downfall -- it was the first sign of a kink in the well-oiled machine. But what really hurt her was how she reacted. First her campaign blamed Russert, and tried to claim tthe men were "piling on" the woman. Then, in the weeks that followed, she went after Obama's kindergarten records, had surrogates bring up his past drug use, and raise the spectre of him being a Muslim. What happened is that Hillary reverted to a 1992 war room mentality, not realizing that the environment was drastically different. As a result, her attacks just reinforced why people wanted change, why they desired the new kind of poltics Obama was promising.

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