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Re: Obamacons Rising?

By on 6.12.08 | 6:33PM

Policy-wise, Obama and Hillary were indistinguishable.This, I think, was why the fight between them became so bitter and personal.

This is also why the Democratic debates were almost always so tedious. There wasn't really any huge policy disagreement among the candidates: nationalize health care, tax the rich, and withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. Since there were no real policy differences, the Democratic debates became sort of a Bush-bashing round-robin. Whatever interest there was came from gimmicks (the YouTube debate) or from gaffes.

As much as I like Bruce Bartlett, I have to chuckle at the suggestion that conservatives would have any substantive reason to like Obama better than they liked Hillary, which is to say, not at all. I've grown used to seeing liberal MSM types like Chris Matthews swoon over Obama, but it's a bit embarrassing to see conservatives get all giggly like this.

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