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Jindal and Exorcism

By on 6.12.08 | 11:31AM

Liberal bloggers are making a preemptive strike against Bobby Jindal by circulating this 1994 article from the New Oxford Review, published when Jindal was 23, in which he described participating in an exorcism of a college friend. To me, this is another reason why it's too early to pick Jindal as a VP candidate. Without enough experience and objective accomplishments in government, it will be easier for Democrats and the media to paint him as some sort of crazy religious freak. Give him two terms in office, in which he hopefully realizes his potential, and stories like this become less important, because they can be offset by actual accomplisments as governor -- ethical reforms, improvements in the health care system, better educational performance, economic growth, fiscal restraint, etc. Without such a foundation, it'll be easier for Democrats to drive up his negatives with these type of stories.

In other Jindal news, he turned 37 this Tuesday. Happy belated birthday!

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