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Stop Oppressing Me!

By on 6.9.08 | 12:24PM

According to The Nation, if America's most prestigious newspapers don't publish your op-ed columns, this means you're a victim of discrimination:

The most traditional location to reach the political establishment, the Washington Post opinion section, is brazenly male-dominated. Seventeen of the 19 columnists are men; only three of the columnists are racial minorities. . . . This year, only 12 percent of the Post's guest pieces came from women, according to a May count by ombudsman Deborah Howell. At the New York Times, eight of the ten weekly columnists are men; one is black.
However, of all the hundreds of columns published by both the Washington Post and the New York Times, none were written by me. I am underrepresented -- excluded! These people are depriving me of my rightful share of the benefits of this brazen male domination.

Where do I sign up for the class-action lawsuit?

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