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OBL’s Tin Cup

By on 10.13.05 | 4:21PM

Al-Qaeda announced earlier today that the Zawahiri letter, in which OBL's #2 waves a tin cup at Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Q chief in Iraq, is a fake. (The Beeb is reporting the denial, of course, as big breaking news.) In that letter, Zawahiri asked Zarqawi to send him $100,000. Another senior DoD official told me the Defense Department is "absolutely standing by the authenticity" of the letter. Above which there is no higher endorsement.

Sounds like the world's most wanted terrorist is very afraid that his followers and supporters will burrow back into the sand when they realize how weakened he really is. And don't look for this bit of news on BBC tonight, or in Le Monde tomorrow.

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