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GOP ready to define Obama

By on 6.7.08 | 9:44AM

As Barack Obama finishes his long twilight struggle against Hillary Clinton, he finds the vaunted Republican "attack machine" waiting to chew him into pulp. The RNC rolls out, including such categories as "Democrats vs Obama," with videos like this:

The Hill reports:

When Obama woke up as the presumptive nominee Wednesday, his opponents on both the national and state level lowered the boom. . . .
The RNC was stocked with video footage of Obama's Democratic rivals -- especially Clinton -- questioning his readiness to be commander in chief. . . .
"Once he wheezed across the finish line, we were ready to help educate voters about Obama's plans to raise taxes, cut troop funding, and negotiate with hostile leaders," Amber Wilkerson, an RNC spokeswoman, said. "Thankfully, we only had to look to comments from Democrat leaders -- including Hillary Clinton and John Edwards -- to pose some important questions about Obama's poor judgment and weak experience."
This very much has echoes of 1972, when George McGovern emerged victorious from the Democratic primaries with the "Acid, Amnesty and Abortion" placard hanging around his neck -- because his Democratic rivals had put it there.

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