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The Personal IS Political

By on 6.7.08 | 1:50AM

Echoes of "Crone Wars" from Michelle Goldberg at The New Republic:

[Feminists] watched professional media types sing smitten fanboy hymns to Obama and, at the same time, spend hours dissecting Clinton's laugh and cleavage. The prospect of electing a black man clearly thrilled commentators, while the prospect of electing a woman elicited a derisive shrug. For some women, reaction to the coverage was radicalizing.
What's more, seeing Clinton losing to a younger, more charismatic man seemed to echo a primal experience of middle-aged female humiliation.
Whether or not this feeling of personal rejection will turn into a significant anti-Obama resistance among otherwise Democrat-leaning women is the lingering question. But there is surely no question about the "smitten fanboy hymns" for Obama from the media.

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