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‘Crone Wars’ update

By on 6.5.08 | 9:32PM

Harriet Christian, featured in my Monday article about Hillary Clinton's disgruntled female supporters, now turns up on Neil Cavuto:

(Hat tip: Wake Up America.) Ms. Christian, who had ranted Saturday that Barack Obama is "an inadequate black male," defends herself against the accusation that this was a racist remark:

Why is it all right for a black to say that whites are racist, and they're not? . . . As far as I'm concerned, I am the furthest thing from a racist. But again, I say, I believe in equality for all. Why aren't we given the same equal rights? And I'm speaking of myself, personally, as a woman.
BTW, Phil, speaking of old bitter women, sorry I was on the road Wednesday and didn't get back to you earlier on that bet about Hillary's "concession." To repeat myself:
A true concession would be for Hillary to release her delegates from their pledges on the first ballot and call for a unanimous vote for Obama. Hillary won't do that; she'll insist on at least a show-of-strength vote on the first ballot, meanwhile hoping for some surprise development that will send the superdelegates crawling back to her.
And this, so far as I can see, is exactly what Hillary is doing. She is "suspending" her campaign, but she's not genuinely conceding. I suspect the reason for that is, just like Ms. Christian, Hillary doesn't really consider Obama's victory legitimate. At some point prior to Denver, a post-campaign depression may cause Hillary to toss in her cards and tell her delegates, "Screw it -- vote for whoever you want." But she hasn't done that, and I still don't think she will.

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