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Re: Gersonism

By on 5.31.08 | 10:37AM

I'm not here to defend Gersonism, but I think it is fair to say Gersonism is not responsible for the terrible brand value of George W. Bush. Gersonism is probably very popular with the American people and would have served as a decent platform for a mix of school choice, welfare reform, pro-marriage policies, etc. All the momentum that was building nicely on those fronts has regrettably dissipated in two terms dedicated largely to foreign policy.

The problem with the Bush administration in the eyes of public has been and remains Iraq. It isn't discussed frequently enough, but I really believe the American people were not prepared for the type of war this has been. They thought it would be quickly prosecuted and that the reconstruction effort would be largely funded out of Iraqi oil revenues.

Instead, it has been long, expensive, and if it was a case of blood for oil, certainly doesn't seemed to have helped us on the price of the commodity!

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