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ABC’s Dirty Bomb Scenario

By on 10.13.05 | 9:14AM

ABC's report on loose security at college nuclear reactors is more than a little disturbing. It reports that, at about 25 campuses around the nation, security was so lax around research reactors (some of which use highly-enriched weapons-grade uranium) the ABC crew was able to drive a large truck right up to the reactor. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is investigating, but we have to wonder: where is the Department of Homeland Security (or, as Homer Simpson might accurately pronounce its acronym) the D'OHS?

Many of us have long wished for a liberal meltdown at Ivy League schools. But the thought of a large truck bomb being turned into a dirty bomb, or that some bunch of terrorists could infiltrate a school and steal quantities of weapons grade uranium, is enough to make me wonder just what the heck D'OHS has been doing for the past few years. Apparently, not enough.

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