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Change the Farm Bill? No We Can’t!

By on 5.20.08 | 11:05AM

David Brooks is second only to Michael Gerson in terms of conservative columnists who often make me feel like I'm reading Anna Quindlen with better prose, but his column today is spot on. Barack Obama has talked a big game about standing up to the special interests, but he (along with virtually everyone else in both parties) supported a bloated giveaway to strong claimants with weak claims in the form of the $307 billion farm bill. It is welfare for agribusiness; it gives federal money to farmers in the top 1 percent; it cheats taxpayers and consumers while benefiting special interests. John McCain sided with the Jeff Flakes and the Ron Pauls in voting against it. Obama the reformer was for business as usual. McCain should make this an issue in the campaign.

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