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Why West Virginia Doesn’t Matter

By on 5.14.08 | 10:53AM

Hillary Clinton deadenders still hold out hope that perhaps the superdelegates will give the nomination to her if she can make Barack Obama look unelectable, which West Virginia helped do last night.

But despite of his thumping in the state, Barack Obama has picked up two more superdelegates, and has won over 30 in the last week. Clinton started the year with a superdelegate lead of 106, and still had a lead of 87 in February. Now Obama leads among superdelates by 13, according to RealClearPolitics, and by 166 overall. If the trend all year among superdelegates has been a move toward Obama, why on earth would anybody think that the remaining 240 or so superdelegates would go for Clinton at the more than two-to-one ratio required for her to overtake him?

Obama may have been embarassed ast night, but he's still the presumptive nominee.

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