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Leaky Leahy

By on 10.12.05 | 11:25AM

The Washington Post, evidently irritated that Pat Leahy called its account of his meeting with Harriet Miers "not really all that accurate" on This Week, runs a little follow-up story today in an attempt to vindicate its reporting that Miers said "Warren," before saying "Warren Burger," in answer to Leahy's question about her favorite justices. Leahy, according to the Post, had told the story loudly to several aides who heard "the senator describe Miers as stumbling over Burger's name, at first calling him 'Warren'."

Neither Leahy nor the White House disputed the Post's account of the story last Friday. But for some reason Leahy felt the need to change his story on Sunday morning. The White House, no doubt thrilled that the new version of the story was less damaging to Miers, quickly said it agreed with Leahy's new account of the conversation.

The White House is still spinning Miers' admiration for Burger as nothing more than a respect for his administrative tidiness. But this doesn't add up because Burger was known as administratively inept. Could Miers have said, "Warren," caught herself, and then fished around for a better Warren than Earl Warren to name not realizing that would create a new set of problems for her?

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