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Amanda Carpenter Nails The WashPost

By on 5.10.08 | 7:55AM

In this tour de force, columnist Amanda Carpenter absolutely rips to shreds an incredibly tawdry attempt at "gotcha journalism" by the Washington Post, now joining the NY Times in twisting facts with clever use of innuendo to make perfectly legitimate legislative activities by John McCain look sleazy. This was all predictable, of course: The media darling McCain is going to be in for a bumpy ride now that his opponent is Obama, the media savior who makes the commentariat feel wam tingles run up their legs. The media will throw over a darling for a messiah every time. It is absolutely sickening. As Carpenter shows, McCain did nothing wrong here, and indeed his involvement with the federal land swap at issue clearly made the swap a better one for the public than it was when first proposed. At the rate the establishment media is going, pretty soon it will try to show that even McCain's support for a strong military is due to nothing other than the influence of lobbyists. One can only hope that honest reporters/columnists like Carpenter are able to keep up with all the sleazy journalism, correct it, and somehow get the truth out to a wide enough audience.

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