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Klein in Carolina

By on 5.6.08 | 3:09PM

Philip Klein's pique over the possibility of a Clinton comeback makes for interesting reading today:

IT HAS BECOME popular in conservative circles these days to suggest that "you just gotta admire her tenacity" . . .

There is absolutely nothing admirable about a politician so narcissistic and hungry for power that she is willing to say or do whatever suits her political interests at any given moment. . . .

Whatever Obama's faults, conservatives should ask themselves whether they can bear the possibility of the nation being held hostage by the psychological drama of the Clinton family for another four or even eight years.

Having also heard Clinton's shameless pandering first-hand, I know what Phil's talking about. On the other hand, are we so sure that a principled progressive like Obama would do the nation less harm than an unprincipled panderer like Hillary? Something to think about on my way to a nearby Obama headquarters, where they're having a "Barack the Vote! Results Watching and Phone Banking Party" tonight.

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