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Win, Place…and Die

By on 5.3.08 | 9:11PM

NBC had a tough time ignoring the fact that the Place horse in Saturday's Kentucky Derby fell lame after the finish line -- "both forelegs fractured," the track vet explained, adding that she was euthanized right there where she fell.

But the net managed to ignore the two horse ambulances summoned to the scene and went on with the huzzahs for the winner...the governor of Kentucky ignoring the tragedy in his hyperbolic pronouncements. Bob Costas could not suppress his journalistic instincts long enough to avoid a mention of "triumph and tragedy" in his intro to the winner's ceremony, but the net was careful to cut out all video showing the horse going down in the several replays of the race.

They say you can't beat a dead horse, but NBC came close.

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