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Meme for May: ‘Electability’

By on 5.1.08 | 1:56PM

Those who doubt the ability of Team Hillary to manipulate the MSM should check out her success in getting the media to raise the question of Obama's "electability." (2,094 Google News hits as of 1 p.m. Thursday.)

Vaughn Ververs at CBS:

[T]he poll holds some troubling signs for Obama's campaign. Clinton does better against McCain in the general election matchup, giving her more ammunition for the electability argument. White women are deserting him in the poll and his unfavorable ratings have risen. He remains in a strong position to win the nomination but his support has eroded in the wake of his Pennsylvania loss and the "bitter" and Wright controversies.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson at HuffPo:

Message to Hillary. Win Indiana and you're in the money. Clinton will make an irresistible case for the nomination; a case that the three hundred fence sitting super delegates if they really care about electability ignore at their peril.

New York Daily News:

[A] new poll found the Wright affair has hurt the front-runner's standing with Democratic voters -- particularly white voters -- handing her a new argument about his electability.

Watch for more of this "electability" meme after Tuesday's primaries.

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